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Mission statement
To Serve To Honor To Educate

Our mission at Chosen Spot Chiropractic and Wellness is TO SERVE our community with love, chiropractic, and one of the highest quality healthcare experiences you have ever received. We genuinely want the patients within our Chiropractic Family to feel like they have found a doctor that truly cares and is personally invested in their health, recovery, and optimization of their life potential.

Our mission at Chosen Spot Chiropractic and Wellness is TO HONOR the innate healing potential within the body, trusting that our bodies can and will heal when delivered the correct structural, chemical, and emotional needs.  When we honor and love our body, we will then make healthful choices which will enhance our lives.

Our mission at Chosen Spot Chiropractic and Wellness is TO EDUCATE our patients about chiropractic and its incredible benefits for everyone from infancy to the elderly. Chiropractic is safe, gentle, and quite simply, it works.  Our office will strive to educate that the lifestyle choices you make can and will ultimately affect your health. We will present natural choices, including some you may have been previously unaware, and guidance. We love to educate our patients, because then you can become empowered to make better choices, restore your health, and live your fullest life.

You have already made a great choice.
Thank you for considering to join our Chiropractic Family at Chosen Spot Chiropractic and Wellness.




142 Bemis Street • Canandaigua, NY 14424 • 585-394-2030
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