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Maggie Benham, DC


Doctor Benham is a Board Certified Chiropractor at Chosen Spot Chiropractic & Wellness.  Her formal training includes;

-   Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College with advanced certificate
            in Sports Science and Human Performance

        -   Applied Kinesiology certification from the International College

            Applied Kinesiology

        -   Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from State University at Geneseo

“The care I provide is based on introducing connection back into the nervous system and balance to the moving body.  On a deep level our bodies are designed for healing and adapting to stress of all kinds.  Without clear neurological connection and balance we struggle, accumulate, and get stuck in a protective state that prevents growth and healing.  Old injuries, years of disconnection, imbalanced movement, and chronic stress can create layers of this kind of compensation.  My expertise lives in helping your body to let go of these patterns and finally heal. Part of this process involves identifying some of your injuries, patterns, and stressors, so that you can also learn to support your own body and heal yourself.  This is your journey and I am always honored to be a catalyst.  


My own healing story contributes greatly to an honest understanding of my patient’s experience.  Athletic injury, trauma, concussion, anxiety/depression, worry, digestive issues, energetic imbalance, diet issues, aging, and human growth, are all concerns whose basic improvement depends on your body’s ability to adapt to its environment AND on having its basic needs met.  In order to do this you must be CONNECTED and BALANCED.


I utilize kinesiology to understand how well your body is handling physical stress (which muscles are firing and have good motor control, where are there imbalances?)


I deliver gentle Chiropractic adjustments to clear and connect proper nervous system function. 


In some cases we identify complicated misalignments with CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) 3D imaging which allows us to very specifically measure, to the degree and millimeter, how to unlock pressure and interference in your highest centers of nerve function. This will depend on your history, symptoms, and whether you have had concussion, seizures, or significant trauma.  Not everyone will need this imaging. 


We will discuss and try to help you identify some of the other imbalances in your lifestyle, food choices, emotional experience, and history that may impact your healing and vitality. If you have an active physical problem, are preventing future issues, or want help being the best version of yourself, I would be honored to assist. “


Dr. Benham is a Canandaigua native and enjoys all things Canandaigua Lake with her dog Tipper.


142 Bemis Street • Canandaigua, NY 14424 • 585-394-2030
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